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Eye Examination at Òptica Miró

At the optometric exams that we perform at Òptica Miró, we evaluate the following visual skills:
Visual acuity
It is the ability of our visual system to discriminate details of objects in given conditions (lighting, distance ...).
Visual refraction
The most common refractive defects are: myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and their combinations.

In the refractive power of eye or refraction, the optometrist determines the refractive state of the patient and establishes the most suitable optical correction for each person.
The ability of the eye to change its focus from distant to near objects (and vice versa). This process is achieved by the lens changing its shape.
Ocular motility
It is the automatic, spontaneous and coordinated movement of the eyes that enables the brain to compose a perfect three-dimensional image.

To perform these movements correctly, the muscles of the eyes involved must have an optimal function.
Ability to integrate two images into one.
Color vision
It is the ability of an organism to distinguish objects based on the wavelengths (or frequencies) of light they reflect, emit or transmit.
It is the process through which we are able to perceive what surrounds us in three dimensions, experiencing the sensation of depth, distance or closeness of each of the objects.
Eye health
A state of good ocular health is when the visual system performs its basic functions which are: visual acuity, adaptation to darkness, color vision, peripheral vision and ocular motility in an optimal way, without evidence of disease.

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The goal of the Optometric Exam

The goal of the Optometric Exam is to achieve maximum visual performance, so it is necessary in all cases to consider both personal circumstances: development, age, general health, cognitive aspects.
As well as, environmental circumstances: academic level, work, ergonomics, sports needs, social needs, etc., to frame the results of the exam according to each person.

Patient looking into the ophthalmoscope